Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions

Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions


mPower Green Energy provides you high quality, durable and technologically advanced Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions. Today India faces a major challenge in the Power sector. With the fast depleting reserves of fossil fuel, and our energy needs burgeoning by the day, renewable energy has assumed great significance. With ample access to sunlight for over 300 days a year, Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting has emerged as a viable lighting source.

mPower Green Energy is a leading Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions provider. We are the Authorised Business Associates of Skyshade, pioneer in providing Daylighting and Shading Solutions in India. First company in India to indigenously build and commercialize Lightpipe™ – Solar Daylighting System and also got National award for most Innovative Energy Saving Product. We deal in Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions, Skyshelves, Skylights, Fiber optic solar lighting, Tensioned Fabric Structures etc. The Light Pipe Solar Lighting System has a light collector, light transfer pipe and light diffuser assembly. The entire system can deliver light into building spaces for length of 15 meters. The Light Pipe Solar Lighting Systems delivers clean light energy into building spaces giving a feel of well-being and saving electrical energy for lighting during daytime. It delivers sunlight without any colour shift.

mPower Green Energy provides a series of mounting systems covering all fields of solar power projects and EPC industry. To meet our customer’s special requirements, our strong engineering team also provides customized solutions.

Key Features:
 The Daylighting System that transports light.
 Reduce cost of Electrical Lighting.
 Being Renewable energy source, there is no inflation in energy usage cost.
 Reduce maintenance costs of Electrical Lighting.
 One time investment with no recurring cost.

mPower Green Energy offers you a wide range of Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions, which includes:

1. Light Pipe:
A pipe that conducts ambient sunlight to desired location in the building interiors. High impact strength, UV stable, light collector collects sunlight from all directions and delivers light effectively through out the day even at low sun angles. The speciality reflective system delivers high luminance with minimal light loss, without color shift even on cloudy days. The intensified sunlight in LightPipe™ is controlled and distributed into indoor spaces by light diffuser.

2. Norikool – Harvesting Sun Light without Heat:
Norikool – ADS is an Advanced Daylighting Solution for Industries & Buildings. This advanced Daylighting System can replace Strip/Roof lights in offices and industries. Unlike profiled Translucent sheets, this systems are easy to fix and Maintain, very less heat transfer, better transmission & distribution of light.

Features & Benefits of Norikool:
1. Day lighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings
2. No Heat Buildup
3. Uniform lighting distribution across the space
4. Double / Triple glazed system
5. Noise Reduction
5. Factory manufactured metal Kerb for leak proof arrangement
5. Long life, maintenance free Day lighting solution
5. Warranty 5 Years

With the help of our technologically advanced machinery, we are able to offer high grade Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions that are demanded for various purposes. We make available Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions in several standard as well as in customized specifications according to client’s requirements.

mPower Green Energy can provide you high quality Solar Light Pipe Day Lighting Solutions in any quantity required at competitive prices with assurance of highest quality standards, on-time delivery backed by our strong market experience, goodwill, brand value & trust.